• Integrity

    is the mark of many,

    great men

    as well as the mark of many

    great brands.

  • Design

    is a language we

    speak fluently.

  • Websites

    have to reach through the

    digital clutter.

  • We like to think

    we put a little

    theater in multimedia.

  • Potent design requires

    powerful imagery!

A word that really defines what we are! It describes how spellbound we are with our craft, it talks of our passion for our client’s business it speaks about the results we produce.

Corporate Identities

Integrity is the mark of many great men, as well as the mark of many great brands. The perception of your brand’s integrity is heavily influenced by its corporate identity.

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Graphic Design

Design is a language we speak fluently. What’s important about graphic design is translating the art of design into hardworking business communication solutions.

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Website Development

Today, websites and social media platforms have to communicate the basics, but then they have to be special enough to reach through the digital clutter and touch a browser!

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Multimedia Presentations

In this day of mass-email, junk mail and ‘not another presentation’ … the difference between static and dynamic can be either horrific or terrific. We like to think we put a little theater in presentations.

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Photogaphy & Video

Potent design requires powerful imagery. Compelling photography elevates your brand and can be used across all your visual mediums. To create the magic, we take ownership of the project by photographing, directing and styling the photo shoot. From studio to location, ground to aerial, product to production, we've got it covered.

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This is where research, development, manufacturing, marketing, advertising, pricing strategies, social programmes, green issues and distribution all converge into one concentrated focal point. It’s here at shelf level that the packaging will engage in highly competitive hand-to-hand combat. Defend your territory and capture consumers’ attention with Fishnet’s exceptional packaging design.

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Bulk Email Marketing

Bulk mailers are more than just newsletters! They're a statistics minefield, a plethora of information and a digital user navigator. Questionnaires and Invitations, linked to databases and filters ... the power is endless.

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Social Media

Hashtag, follow, like, tweet, add or share ... my word of mouth has become by world of mouth! Reach a global audience on a personal level with a hybrid mix of social and tradition marketing strategies. We'll get you socially branded on the platform that right for your conversation!

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  • An image . . . is not simply a trademark, a design, a slogan or an easily remembered picture. It is a studiously crafted personality profile of an individual, institution, corporation, product or service.

    Daniel Boorstin
  • Creativity without strategy is called ‘art’ … Creativity with strategy is called ‘advertising

    Jef I. Richards


Our clients

We understand that clients need solutions without all the marketing jargon, hidden costs and inflated egos.

Translating the art of design into ...